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April 27, 2012 / mommy brain

My cat is in the dog house

It’s definitely possible that my baby loves my cat more than he loves me. I’m totally cool with it though because I’m pretty sure I’m a solid number two after the cat, tied with G of course. Except when G throws him up high in the air; at that point I move to a distant number 3. But the cat, when he’s in T’s line of vision, is number one.

Case in point. I present to you exhibit a:

And exhibit b:

This particular cat, Bobby, was my baby before I had a baby. When I got Bobby, I told my mom that I no longer needed a boyfriend because I have Bobby and that’s all I need. My mom was worried. But I was happy as can be because I had my little fur ball who loved me. (As a side note, very shortly after adopting Bobby, G became boyfriend, and my mom stopped worrying and got off my case about being a crazy cat lady.)

Look at how adorable Bobby was as a kitten….aaaaawwww!

NOW fast forward to June 3, 2011, the day T arrived and the day Bobby’s world changed forever. When I look at my phone pics, Before 6/3/11, my photo roll consisted of bobby, bobby, bobby, preggo pic, bobby, bobby, bobby, g, bobby, bobby. After 6/3/11, photo roll consists of: t, t, t, t, t, t, t, self-portrait of me with t, t, t…you get the idea. Bobby was pretty bummed out when his mom and dad started spending all their free time with the new alien creature he was terrified of at first, but he quickly realized that his best bet to receive any attention from mom was to hang out in close proximity to the alien creature.

And as the weeks rolled by, Bobby got braver. This new alien creature definitely ruined his perfect kitty life, but he was growing more curious and thought perhaps they might be able to become friends.

And after another few weeks went by, they did start to become friends. And it was T who started to become very curious about his furry older brother.

Now fast forward >>>>> again to present day, spring 2012. T is now OBSESSED with Bobby (see exhibits a and b), and wants nothing else in the world other than Bobby lovin’ when he sees him across the room.

This was all well and good and usually pretty freakin’ cute…until earlier this week…when…gasp!!!….Bobby attacked my baby!!!! A few times before THE INCIDENT, Bobby expressed that he was not pleased when T would pull his tail or grab his ears, and it was already starting to piss me off a little because Bobby could easily run away so I did not see adequate reason to hiss at T. “Just run away when you’ve had enough T lovin’,” I kept telling Bobby. But, no, Bobby would start to growl but he wouldn’t leave, so of course T would keep trying to give him big hugs and kisses. T has made a lot of progress learning to be “gentle” and to “pet,” but he still goes in for the big hugs every chance he gets.

The incident went down like this. T was “petting” Bobby, and by that I mean he was pulling out little tufts of fur, but he was not being aggressive or pulling tail or ears….when Bobby attacked him!!! 😦 He swiped him across the face, and then grabbed his head with both paws!! 😦 T-Bear’s Mama Bear was NOT PLEASED!!!

I was almost expecting this from our crazy cat, Maddy. I should explain that we have 3 cats. Yes, we are the crazy cat people down the street. Don’t judge. Also, I feel the need to point out that G had two cats, and I had just one (perfectly normal non-crazy behavior), so I was not a crazy cat lady until after I moved in with G. Anyway, one of our cats has some serious issues. She’s all talk and doesn’t actually hurt anyone, but she generally hates everyone except G. She secretly wishes I and Bobby and our other cat Sammy (and definitely T) would all go away and she could go back to the utopia that was her life with G back at his old apartment.

BUT it was not crazy Prozac-popping diva cat that attacked T; it was super friendly and affectionate Bobby, my Bobby. All these months, he’s been desperate for attention and cuddles, and now all T wants is to give him lots of both, and he does what???? NOT COOL.

I have decided to forgive Bobby, and I even gave him some cuddles tonight, but he better not cross the line again. Any advice out there in the kitty / baby relations department? Any professional or amateur baby and cat psycho-analysis is welcome.

I leave you with an after photo of my brave wounded little guy:



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  1. WhitneyD / Apr 27 2012 3:52 PM

    I hate to say it, but I’m sort of on Bobby’s side with this one. While obviously Bobby knew what message he was trying to get across with a growl, T doesn’t know what it means yet. Little kids are really frightening for animals- they’re unpredictable and they don’t know the visual/audio cues that animals use. You might just want to make sure that Bobby gets a little extra space if he feels uncomfortable- and T will learn.

    When OK was big enough to really notice the world around him, he fell in love with my cat Griffin. And smooshed and squished him. Usually he’d wriggle away, but when he realized that OK wasn’t learning anything that’s when he escalated to hisses (which OK didn’t understand) and then a swat/slash. The scratch was more than enough to teach OK that there was a line.

    It does take a fair amount of refereeing in the beginning, but it doesn’t take very long for kids to figure out what’s going on- and for your cats to see that you’ll speak up for them, too.

    (T is quite the brave boy!)

    • mommy brain / May 1 2012 12:56 PM

      Hi Whitney,

      Thanks very much for the advice. You’re totally right in that T doesn’t have a clue when Bobby sends clear signals of “that’s enough already.” To him, it all means, “please hug me and kiss and squeeze me now!” What you describe with OK and Griffin played out here, too. At first, Bobby would kind of take it, but he probably thought T would get the signals as he increased the volume of the hissing and the ferociousness of the growl, but since that didn’t work, he had no choice but to pull out his next defense which is the swat. I get it 🙂 We have stepped up the refereeing and take a little more time to give Bobby the cuddles he wants from us, too. And so far, I have no new incidents to report.

      Btw – I really enjoy your blog and was very excited to see a comment from you!


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