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April 25, 2012 / mommy brain

Living room chaos and 8-year-old 8-minute buns

Our house has just one living room. It’s a great space, and I love it, but it is of a singular nature. We have a room, and T has a room, and we even have a room for T’s various admirers who come to visit, but most of T’s toys live in the living room because that is where we play with him since it offers plenty of space for T to crawl around, chase cats, obsessively attempt to gain access to the remote control, and attempt to put small objects into the VCR.

I’m not even sure why we still have a VCR. The one VCR tape I’ve kept is my “8-minute Buns” video, and it’s probably been 8 years since my buns enjoyed the 8 minutes of agony this gem of a recording provides. You know what, I should dust off that tape and make sure T doesn’t put too many more puffs in to the VCR; my buns could use 8 minutes of somethin’!

But back to the chaos of the living room. I live with a neat freak, which works out well because I like things tidy but I am not myself a neat freak. Luckily, the hubby either tidies up or makes sure that I do, so our house usually looks decent. This is of course all pre-baby talk. Today our living room contains the chaos that is all of T’s toys, blocks, musical contraptions, musical instruments, inflatable balls (he loves these passionately), and books. Some of these go back to his room temporarily but usually make their way back to the living room.

I now remember back 8 years ago when hubby, who was then boyfriend, asked me to look at the house he was considering buying. And I loved it and recommended that he buy it, and since he is a pretty smart guy, he took my advice. But I also remember thinking, “Wow, this living room is so awesome and big. It looks so great except for all the baby toys; that’s so messy!!” And I also remember the previous owners mentioning something about how much they loved the house but that they were hoping to find one with two living rooms so they could have a play room for their kids and a separate living room. Ahhh…it all makes sense now!

Anyway, we’re definitely not getting another house and I love ours, so I set out to find a way to contain the mountain of T’s toys. I searched Amazon and other sites for “toy chests” that would work in the living room. And I went to my favorite furniture store in Nob Hill, El Paso Imports. Much of our furniture came from this store, and they had some gorgeous wooden chests that would look ah-mazing…but I didn’t want to shell out the big bucks plus I was worried that T would crush a finger closing one of those giant wooden chests.

Luckily, Target is always there to solve all my problems, and I purchased one of these fake leather ottoman storage thingies for around $70 –>

Look how neat and orderly!

Now the chaos is under control. At least between the hours of 8PM and 6:30AM.



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  1. Felicia Kemp / Apr 26 2012 9:44 PM

    This is our life, too!! We got some storage things that slide under the futon in the living room, so things look tidy between about those same hours. 🙂

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