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April 25, 2012 / mommy brain

Alien killer moth invasion! Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

Albuquerque has been invaded!! By moths!! Killer alien moths!!! Ok, they are not of the killer variety and they did not come from outer space and this particular kind of moth does not even endanger the t-shirts in your closet, BUT it is most certainly an invasion!

Moth experts have declared  that unusually warmer temperatures have contributed to the current outbreak of Miller moths in the abq metro area. They are a big topic in town, and they are pissing everyone off. I thought it was amusing that everyone is so worked up and I wasn’t quite so anti-moth…until one of them landed on my shoulder. I did not know that he or she was there until it brushed up against my cheek…and I totally lost it and screamed out like an idiot in my own house. It totally scared the crap out of me, and I was no longer amused.

One upside to the moth disaster is the entertaining commentary on the radio and local news.

Some of the headlines –>

“They are creatures of the night and they’re back in droves.”

Moths invade the Albuquerque metro area

Moths invasion sweeps metro Albuquerque

And my personal fave, all the way from Amarillo –>

‘Old Testament’ moth invasion should end in 2 weeks

One of the stories this morning claimed that the moths have been over reproducing (slutty moths!) and we are doomed to endure their wrath through the end of the year, but I think they are moving on to Colorado next week. So watch out Colorado and be careful out there!


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