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April 23, 2012 / mommy brain

Does mommy brain = mommy guilt?

On most weekdays, the hubby takes T to daycare, and I pick him up after work. The hubby has a more regular schedule, so he can generally take him around the same time in the morning, which is nice because T likes having breakfast with his fellow comrades. I, on the other hand, have a different schedule depending on the day, and some days are earlier than others, but I do have some flexibility and can sometimes pick T up early in the afternoon. So the deal is I pick him as early as I can, but by 5:30 at the latest. Of course some days, the hubby calls to say he’s leaving the office early and checks to see if I’ve already picked up t-bear.

Today was one of those days.The hubby called and I couldn’t answer because I was still on a conference call. When I called back walking out to my car at 5:10, he was within a couple minutes of the daycare, so we decided he should pick up T since I was still 15 minutes away.

I am not sure if this affects other moms similarly, but the mommy guilt hits me like a truck when I don’t pick him up. I feel like such a bad mommy when I can’t even rescue my poor baby from his daycare! He’s waiting for me all day in there! Alright, it’s possible that he had fun crawling around with his little buddies and blowing bubbles with the daycare ladies who all love him, and he was probably just as excited to see his daddy when he came to rescue him, but I still feel guilty.

I don’t have any early meetings tomorrow morning, so I’ll take him to daycare tomorrow. And I think it’ll be a good day to stop at the swings along the way since we didn’t get to go this afternoon 😉


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